CBD Bully Sticks

  • Bully Sticks: sourced from free range, all natural beef. 
  • Quality Ingredients: premium bully sticks with 100% natural protein.
  • Safe: great alternative to rawhide since the treats don't splinter. 

  • CBD Bully Sticks for Joint Pain: Dogs of all ages, particularly older dogs, can experience stiff hips and joints and mobility issues. CBD supports joint health by reducing painful joint inflammation.

  • CBD Bully Sticks for Arthritis: Degenerative joint disease like arthritis, which typically comes about in old age, is a slowly progressing process during which the cartilage between the bones breaks down.

  • CBD Bully Sticks for Seizures: Studies are looking at how CBD can reduce seizure frequency in dogs with epilepsy. So far, the results are promising. CBD has anticonvulsant properties and supports healthy neurological function in dogs with seizures and epilepsy. 

  • CBD Bully Sticks for Anxiety: CBD dog treats can promote relaxation for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, or discontentment. The hemp products can help calm chronically ill dogs who struggle to sleep or help dogs that are anxious when alone (separation anxiety). 

Doggy Joy Guarantee 

If your dog isn't 100% happy with their bully sticks, then we’ll work with you to make it right. No muss, no fuss, no disappointed pups is our commitment at Dog Treats Club.

Sourced from Free Range Cattle

Our Treats are humanely made without added hormones, antibiotics or steroids. All-natural. No additives or artificial preservatives. Manufactured under industry-leading food safety programs.

Shipped to your Doorstep

We ship worldwide and everywhere in the United States. So if you are located in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, we got you covered. 

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I  can't say enough fantastic things about Dog Treats Club. My dog loves them. 

Debbie K

OMG. I just want to eat them but my puppy won't let me. They smell delicious. Lol.

Rachel S

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How Long do CBD Dog Treats Take to Kick In?

When you give your pup CBD, it takes a little while for the CBD to reach the endocannabinoid receptors and express its beneficial effects. This time is affected primarily by the delivery method but also by the pet's individual response. CBD dog treats usually take between 45-90 minutes to work. Considering this timeframe between giving the treat and seeing the results. It is essential to preempt your dog's needs. For example, if exercise causes stiffness in your dog's joints, give an hour before the walk. Or, if planning a potentially stressful situation (like a trip to the vet's office), let your dog have its CBD treat at least an hour before the car ride. 

How Many CBD Treats Should You Give Your Dog?

Just because it is impossible to overdose on CBD treats does not mean you should let your dog feast on as many chews as it wants. If you are not sure about the exact CBD dosage or your dog is on regular prescription drugs, you must talk to your vet. Veterinarians are not at liberty to recommend CBD products, but they will guide you through the implementation process.How are the bully sticks made?

USA sourced cattle bully sticks and packed in the USA. They are  made humanely; and without added hormones, antibiotics or steroids;  all-natural; no additives or artificial preservatives; and manufactured  under industry-leading food safety programs.

Are the bully sticks safe?

Yes. They are approved by the USDA.

Do the Bully Sticks smell?

There is an odor that your dog will "beg for more" believe it or not, which is why bully sticks are so popular among dogs. 

The "order free" bully sticks are chemically "sanitized" with caustic acid and we do not believe this is healthy for your dog.

What is the weight of the treats?

The sticks average 8 to 14 grams. 

How long does it take to receive the treats?

You will get an email when shipped and another one when delivered. 

I received a discount / coupon code. How does this work?

Enter your code at checkout to receive the discount. Note: Discounts vary so please read the details before ordering.